My Exercise Plan

So I’m planning to go for my first run Saturday morning. My plan is to try to start with 1 to 2 miles, three times a week. Then hopefully build from there. Tomorrow I will go shopping in Aldi for my new diet for the week.Not much will change really I need to cut down on crisps.

I would like to add weight training as well. Though the challenge is motivation with these medications. I’ve set some routines in my app to hopefully do twice a week once the running has bed in.
At least I have the option do it all in peace and quiet.

The Monday before last I reduced my lithium from 1000mg to 800mg and am taking my nighttime PRN less. I seem a bit less tired in the morning. One thing I have noticed is I’m not getting as hungry within a couple of hours of taking my night medication. So eating less in evening.

I will stop eating crisps in the evening and just eat grapes if I get hungry. The key for me is really is controlling the evening snacks and running the calories off. Once the mileage starts going up it gets easier to bring the weight down.

Last time I lost 30KG I overdid the diet by eating raw cooked meat with veg and rice. No flavour. I don’t think I can manage that level of discipline. Though this time I have the experience with the exercise to make faster progress.