Exercise Planning

I’ve got a couple of tops today and a pair of jogging bottoms. Planning to get back into running again soon. The activity used to help me and losing some weight wouldn’t be a bad idea.

Just weighed myself and it looks like the 30kg I lost in 2016 has been put back on again. Although I seem less inflamed this time round. I think it is the medication that is the cause. I stopped my meds for 6 months except the lithium in 2016 and built marathon fitness in 2019. I don’t think I have the will to attack it like I did back then though sometimes when I get started on something I get determined.

I actually held on to my spin lock set of weights and barbells/dumbbells that were at my bf’s before. I also have a bench that I’m using to hang jackets. So I have the know how and means. The meds suck the life out of you that’s the problem. That’s what I’m mentally fighting. However I think the weight is lowering my motivation as well. If I shred that I may be able to do more. So I will start running by next week at least.