Missing Pets

I fancy petting a dog or cat. Unfortunately none are available. So I have to settle for Snoopy. Who is lovely. I’m not allowed pets in my flat but I do have a back garden. I have thought of putting dreamies by my backdoor to make new friends.

My 2nd ex had a Cat who is lovely. His name is Tinker. He was my ex’s late Mum’s and I suggested he adopt him. Me and the Cat became very close. I got him into belly rubs. I used to feed him everyday and play with him. He is a people Cat. I think he must miss me as my ex works.

When I was growing up I had a Dog called Rocky. He was a black retriever. Very intelligent dog. I taught him a few commands including “Sleep”. People used to laugh at that one. He had a wonderful temperament. Sadly he died of cancer.

When I lived in Australia with my 1st ex we adopted a rescue Dog named Chase. He was a Spoodle (In the UK we call them a Cockapoo). He enjoyed a good sniff and wee on almost every tree. He was very independent but liked a belly rub as well. Sadly when I got unwell I had to leave.