Supermarkets As A Blessing

I visited Aldi earlier to do a big shop (2 bags) for dry goods. I will return tomorrow to buy some fresh food. It was reasonably quiet this morning which made it less stressful. Sometimes I try to stop and think to appreciate the supermarket.

Years ago supermarkets didn’t exist and one had to go to different markets and shops. It would have been quite a lot of work although more sociable. Often when I think of the past I think of the time of Jesus. He didn’t have a supermarket to go to and turned water into wine.

I feel very lucky to have a supermarket so close at a 10 minute walk. The selection is pretty good and offers excellent value. I think I save a fortune compared to the big supermarkets. There is also a Tesco express and Sainsbury’s local nearby if I want certain brands.

The big stressors for me in Aldi is it’s not that big to cope with many people. People are aggressive with their trolleys. The aisles are narrow too. Their checkout machines seem to make a lot of noise. I don’t cope well with hustle and bustle.Fluorescent lights overwhelm me too.