Domestically Managing

On a Wednesday, Alexa reminds me to change to clean bedding. Then I wash and dry the used one. I think this has been the best I have taken care of myself at home. I used to forget or not care. I clean my kitchen and bathroom every 2, sometimes 3 weeks.

Before I lived with my ex for 5 months. I lived in a privately rented flat for 6 years. My late Mum found it for me. It became very cluttered. In hindsight I was wasteful. Before I moved out I cleared most things into a skip. In this flat I have kept things very simple.

I feel less burdened by having so many things. My Mum was at fault. As she kept bringing unnecessary things over like bric-a-brac. I don’t think I will give up my home to be with another partner again. I can’t risk being homeless in a psych hospital again. I’m ok with that.

I’m doing a batch of cooking this afternoon. Not planning to eat it for lunch just find it less stressful to do earlier in day. When I was with my ex I used to cook weekdays as he worked. He didn’t like batch cooking. In hindsight I think looking after him made me unwell as much.