Kitchen and Running

Cleaned my kitchen today. Takes about 1.5 hours. I wasn’t looking forward to it as I feel so medicated in the morning. I forced myself and got it done. My mini dehumidifier does a good job keeping the mold at bay but it still builds up. I was too scared to stand on the worktops this time round but found dry cloth’s that came with my flash speed mop which I sprayed with mold cleaner. I use a ladder for the ceiling but can’t reach over the worktops. The speed mop with cloth worked well so that’s a safer way I note of doing it in future.

Doing the kitchen and listening to music did help wake me up. It reminded me that I used to listen to music while running in the morning which helped. I got a little bit in debt setting myself up in this place like a washer dryer, bookcase, microwave etc.. Though its cleared now.

Next month I will buy some sports clothes for running that fit me and some headphones. I still have a good pair of trainers. I think getting back into running this Spring will do me good. The challenge as always is the medication.