Disabled for being abled

I’ve always been a person that has felt the world intensively. I am very sensitive to how people behave towards me. It’s also my mode in finding answers to the world. As a child I was full of questions in understanding how the world works.

I have one memory as a child of my Mum bathing me and I asked where does soap came from. Obviously fed up with the questioning she told me it was coal. I stored that incorrect fact for years until one day in college in conversation I boasted that coal makes soap.

In recent years I discovered that it was loud noises that stresses me out. Now I do much to avoid it and am a lot less agitated. I struggle with superficial things like what occurs in conversation. I prefer deep philosophical discussions.

I struggle to remember a person’s name unless I know more about them like a biography. The medication I take has reduced the intensity of my experience. I guess it’s been helpful when there is no support. I feel disabled because my understanding is too abled.