Double empathy problem

I think sometimes a challenge I have with being Autistic is people don’t understand and try to use simple psychoanalysis to evaluate. I’m not talking about professionals in this case I’m talking about regular people with some of a brain. If only it was as simple as that.

A passive way to do it is to ask if I have watched a show on Netflix about someone with a similar experience to me. This happened with someone yesterday at Church. In this case it was about someone’s mother dieing who couldn’t move on.

I had only said I watched Star Trek but perhaps this person who I had never met before had heard about my mother dieing elsewhere or earlier person. I have no doubt it was to gain a reaction and be helpful.Though I just said I hadn’t seen it as I tried not to display any emotion.

I think the knowledge spread because some people may have heard I spent Christmas alone. I was asked a lot what I did for Christmas. I have said I spent it alone often since my Mum died in 2016. I always appreciated her Roast dinners.