People Like Me

I don’t have a crystal ball but I often think of different permutations of the future. In a dystopian future I don’t believe people like me will be round up and executed. They wouldn’t want martyrs like Jesus Christ dieing for Christian values. The crucifix would become popular.

Though I do think effort could be made to make things harder for people like me. The stigma from people on the street can be ramped up by the media. You can also create greater income and housing pressures. This will likely encourage more people to take their own life.

Some won’t take their life. So the denying of medical care, food, heating will worsen the health outcomes of people like me. The use of psychiatric hospitals to provide covert neglect is also an instrument that can be used. It’s fair to say we already have the infrastructure.

I don’t need to talk about a positive future as I believe in the ideals of Star Trek. Watch a few episodes of The Next Generation to get the gist.

When I say “People like me” I really mean people doing worse than me that don’t have a voice. I had it tough last year homeless but doing better this year minus the stigma, discrimination, poor health service etc.. Though I know none of this is static and can quickly change.