My Belief in God

In this thread, I am going to talk about my belief in God. If this doesn’t interest you then I hope you make better use of your day. If your agnostic or interested in knowing and understanding me then please continue I am not attempting to indoctrinate you.

An early question I had before believing in God was why does God let me suffer and allow other people to suffer more. My understanding is God created the beautiful garden of Eden to be like that but for whatever reason human beings chose not to want that.

What I learned from the Bible and Science is that the universe is a complex system. If God intervened in this perfect system it would no longer be perfect (think of natural laws like physics and time). So God has to becareful in how God works.

Sometimes God does intervene. Though whether we believe in God is of freewill and individual choice. If we don’t have freewill irrespective of negative impact then we are not free. If natural law is changed by God then we lose perspective on what reality is.

To give an illustration I can only observe light if it is surrounded by darkness. I desire food because I become hungry. The same can be true of much human experience including our ways of being and morals.

What I learned was praying to God doesn’t mean my prayers will be answered. I don’t know how God works and don’t believe anyone is capable of knowing. I have prayed not to be disabled but that hasn’t been answered. I since believe I was made to be the way I was meant to be.

I prayed to God to help me run a marathon. I ran 3 official marathon events in 2019 and more alone. Running marathons was a transcendental experience for me.I prayed to have a home last year. Although the council helped with that it was my faith that kept me stable to endure.

It can be difficult to distinguish if it’s the practise of faith or God itself that helps me. In the end that doesn’t matter to me. There is knowing and understanding things in life. I try to know my God and I believe I have some understanding of why things are the way they are.