Picard My Dad

I’m watching Picard Season 2 and Picard feels more like the character I knew in Star Trek The Next Generation in the 90’s. I didn’t have a father so I adopted Picard as my fatherly figure growing up.

Picard seemed like a wise man to me. I think I related a lot to Data and he gave Data good guidance in fitting in. So whenever I see the Picard character I always feel a lot of warmth towards him. As well as the fact Star Trek to this day helps me with anxiety and distress.

Before Encarta I collected Fun Fax books and I had several binders worth in my collection. Data had an encyclopaedia knowledge in Star Trek which I admired and it impressed Picard. I wanted to be smart like Data. My family had no history of going to college or university.

What I soon quickly realised was Data was very much like Spock. Data had no emotions while Spock was half Vulcan and learned to suppress them. When I had difficulty with my emotions I tried to suppress them with Logic like Spock did.

Although not healthy it got me through education and I graduated university with a degree in Computer Science. Unfortunately it all unravelled as an Adult for me in my first breakdown. It’s look a long time to learn to manage my emotions and prevent meltdowns.