Star Trek Picard Season 2

Well I completed my rewatch of Star Trek Picard Season 1. Overall I enjoyed it the 2nd time around more than the 1st. I picked up on alot of the story I missed before. Though I was mentally unwell at the time of its 1st airing due to the lockdowns from the pandemic. I don’t believe I will enjoy it as much if I watch it again. Not very rewatchable like most Star Trek.

I’ll start off with the things I liked about the season. The special effects were brilliant but it had to be for the time we live in. As we’re the production values of the show. It had a cinematic feel in high definition on my Widescreen television. Star Trek looks incredibly futuristic. The sets were very well done as well. Picards chateau looked authentic and as I imagined it would.

To me the storyline was a disappointment. I felt they didn’t make good use of the Borg. Additionally, there was too much consulting of decision making by Picard. Obviously this was his challenge as he didn’t have a position to give out orders. I felt a lot of time was wasted by this. Even without Starfleet a command structure was needed. I also don’t understand why so many executive producers are needed for a very short series. Do these new series need this much top level management?

In the end I would still recommend Picard season 1 as part of watching the greater Star Trek universe. Patrick Stewart did an excellent performance once again of a mature Picard who struggles with old age. I think they should have made him lose his temper like in First Contact to show their is some instability about him. Bringing back Riker, Troi and Seven were excellent touches too. The theme tune was excellent. I didn’t know what to make of Data’s appearance although relevant to the storyline.