Thoughts on Assessments

I was thinking as I was doing my bacon and egg sandwich. How the NHS and DWP do assessments. Both don’t really amount to much of a test but are used as empirical evidence. It’s not really possible to test as people aren’t laboratory specimens.

Like when I was in hospital I had nothing to do for months except watch TV plus bring my puzzles and books. My assessment was making scones for half hour without even putting them in the oven (oven wasn’t on ward). That deemed me fully capable occupationally.

I think I do ok in the kitchen most days if I keep things simple. Though the flaws in the test are apparent like no oven, could be done just be a good day, maybe scones is not representative of what you eat and doesn’t taking into account buying the food etc..

The DWP meanwhile relies on questionnaires, medical evidence and interviews. The fit to work questions don’t seem to relate to the demands of employers and workplaces or how realistic adjustments can be obtained. So there is this very vague fog where people can lose everything.

It all a very unpredictable process with no real pathway out of it. Your fate is sealed by the judgement of a bureaucrat that makes call.The way I cope now is to enjoy what I have. I assume I could get a letter tomorrow where in a few weeks I will lose everything and be homeless.

Another thing I would add is there isn’t much thought on what happens when combining the occupational stuff at home with the demands of a workplace. This is where I become majorly stuck as I can’t put off one for the other. Eventually I’m overwhelmed.

In the end I think all these assessments just create more stigma and discrimination. I personally think a basic income for all would be best with a higher tax on working and higher vat on luxury goods. No vat on essentials.