Mental Health Call

I had another one of these phone calls from duty yesterday. It lasted 3 minutes 17 seconds. This person was a bit more empathetic than the last one. I guess she had more time to demonstrate it. I was asked if I take drugs. I swear to God I have never smoked let alone taken drugs.

Yet I am often asked this question. I think it goes back to the point that as a marginalised person I am stereotyped for all kinds of things. The assumption is I must take drugs, be lazy, violent, dangerous, a sinner etc… The notion I am disabled by society cannot be possible.

The way I handle this without getting too upset is taking a Star Trek approach.There aren’t the people with the ability to perceive like I do so I have to accept this is what 2022 is. I have my own deficits too,I wouldn’t be able to phone lots of people up and have conversations.