Star Trek Deep Space Nine Review: Favor The Bold

This evening I continued my screening of multipart episodes of Star Trek Deep Space Nine by viewing Favor The Bold and Sacrifice Of Angels (Season 6, 1997).

In this episode Sisko sends a fleet to retake DS9 before the Dominion disarm the mines at the Wormhole. Although Sisko retakes DS9 the mines are disarmed and Dominion reinforcements begin travelling through the wormhole. Sisko takes an act of faith by appealing to the Prophets in the wormhole to stop the reinforcements. The Prophets stop the ships.

I found this episode to be very much Star Trek’s version of D-Day with Sisko playing the part of Churchill. I owned this episode on VHS as a child and remember loving the space battles. Quite often in my life to get through difficult people situations I have had to mentally treat it like landing on the beaches.

As I have got older I have begun to admire Siskos faith in the Bajorian prophets or as others would describe as wormhole aliens. Due to becoming a Christian I see this side of Captain Sisko differently than when younger. Like Sisko I have asked God for Grace and received it. Not everyone approves of Siskos beliefs including his superiors in the Federation but he is accepted.

The episode ends with Sisko back to DS9 with applause. He is welcomed home where he belongs. Sisko returns to retrieve his squidgy. I mean baseball.