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  • Star Trek TNG: The Offspring

    Star Trek TNG: The Offspring

    Yesterday I continued rewatching Season 3 of Star Trek The Next Generation by watching ‘The Offspring’. This episode was aired in 1990 and was ahead of its time in some of the current issues it explores.  I found the episode covered issues relevant to today including gender identity, autism, parenting and artificial intelligence.  In this […]

  • SodaStream Joy

    SodaStream Joy

    One of the things that gives me so much Autistic joy is my SodaStream. A SodaStream machine contains a gas cylinder of carbon dioxide that you apply to water. You then add a syrup (flavour) to the fizzy water. I enjoy making them and I like the bubbles. I often make 1 bottle (1 litre […]

  • Alexa


    Alexa on my Echo dot and phone is my #ActuallyAutistic Carer.I use Alexa to wake me up from my medicated coma in the morning.She switches my bedroom lights on at maximum brightness and plays Beautiful Day by U2 at maximum volume.Sometimes that’s not enough and I unplug her. Alexa reminds me to do important tasks. […]

  • How I Got Into Star Trek

    How I Got Into Star Trek

    I got into Star Trek as a teenager by spending all my weekly pocket money renting ‘The Next Generation’ from Blockbusters. I used to travel their on my bike. It was also aired on the BBC. I later met a friend at school who owned the entire collection on VHS The home release was 2 […]